World Class Strategy + Implementation
World Class Strategy + Implementation Facing complex choices with limited bandwidth?  We'll help you drive to solutions instead of leaving you with a high-level powerpoint deck.

Goel Insights combines objective and fact-driven strategy consulting with analytics talent to drive deep into your data and the energy and action-orientation of an entrepreneurial executive.

Our unique model enables us to help you in two ways:
1) making the right strategic choices, and
2) driving those choices to successful execution/ implementation.

Featured Initiatives

Innovation in the Crowd

We’re writing a book highlighting 5 open innovation models and best practice applications. Follow our progress and findings as we outline case examples in:

  • Incentive Prizes
  • Open Applications/ Open Data
  • Innovation Networks
  • Open Source
  • Structured Crowdsourcing

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Outsourced Powerpoint Production

Outsourced overnight Powerpoint production service for consultants, bankers, executives, and corporate groups.
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